YouChoose the recommendation model

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>_ Features

Analyse how the algorithm sees you 🧩ī¸

See how content is processed differently by YouTube's AI, and understand algorithmic biases.

Pick from different recommendation paradigms 🕹

Use the first tool integrating third-party recommendation engines to challenge YouTube's algorithmic monopoly.

Participate to a community-driven algorithm đŸŒģī¸

YouChoose can embed recommendations from Tournesol, a collective curation effort which you can join.

Contribute to the first shadow-banning tester! đŸ‘ģ

Expose YouTube's hidden censorship patterns and help your content creators by sharing anonymised data to generate privacy-preserving statistics.

Support public-interest civic tech 💚

We are a non-profit, democratically governed, defending the interests of internet users against those of big-tech.

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We will first ask your opinion on YouTube's algorithm, and then how we could improve it with YouChoose.
Your data will be anonymized and you don't have to give your contact info.
When you start the survey, your answers will be recorded.

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>_ An internet that is right for you

Most of the content watched on YouTube is surfaced by an algorithm. 
Whether you click on a video on the homepage, on a search result, on the sidebar recommendation, or simply play the watch-next, there is an algorithm behind.
Indeed, there are so many videos out there, how are you going to find them otherwise?
The recommendation algorithm is powerful, but it's not really working for you best interest.
It's sole purpose is to keep you watching, to maximize ads revenue. To do that, it promotes content that is engaging, but it does not really care about its quality.
We empower content creators, who are the lifeblood of YouTube, to curate recommendations for you. Because they are still smarter than AI.

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